by Mat Janson Blanchet


Project Description

Zutorie is a kinetic sculpture, a hybrid between a grandfather clock and a guitar. The piece perceives, attracts, or ignores its audience by activating its gears. As this happens, the guitar strings tighten or loosen, to the point of sometimes breaking.

By repurposing and reorganizing components of a guitar, I am transforming a musical instrument into a visual art instrument. I am pushing further my practice of post-rock (in which rock instruments are used to create non-rock music) to the point where instruments are used to create non-music: visual arts.

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Current Status

Zutorie crate

The kinetic cabinet is in a crate in storage in Montréal, CA, and is ready to be shipped and showcased.


  • Hardware: Wood, steel, velvet, lasercut wooden gears, electronics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, stepper motors), guitar strings, guitar tuning keys
  • Software: Arduino, Processing


  • Photos: Marie-Hélène Brault, Anna Grigorian


I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their financial contribution:

Also, thanks to the many people who provided guidance and technical assistance during production:


Design, fabrication, electronics, programming


For the Intermedia BFA end of programme exhibit



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